We all have experienced it…Where to find the Perfect Gift for the special someone in your life this Holiday Season. You have looked and looked all over and cannot seem to find the right gift. Maybe it is time to think outside the “box” and consider a Luminary Gift Certificate. That special someone in your […]

The Perfect Holiday Gift

A new survey involving roughly 35,000 households in the United States reveals that nearly 20% of Americans suffer with chronic pain. Among individuals with chronic pain, more than two-thirds have constant pain, while more than 50% say their pain can be unbearable and excruciating at times. Medications only relieve about a third or less of […]

1 in 5 Americans Experience Chronic Pain

The Best care for your spine by one of Anchorage's best chiropractors, Dr. Judd Wattenbarger.
Your Spine is the Information Superhighway in your Body.  It contains the spinal cord, a bundle of nerves, that carries information back and forth between your brain and various locations throughout your body. A healthy spine allows you to be and do your best by aligning the nerve transmission network so communication between all parts of […]

Your Body’s Super Information Highway